Flash Fiction – “CLASSIFIED” by Trey Eddantes



INT: so when you all entered the college grounds you were immediately accosted by Onivirus victims and what happened after that?

Survivor 1:We entered the student center and worked our way through a large group of the demon fuckers – our special name for them. We formed a diamond formation back to back dropping Oni heads everywhere. Only reason we survived for this long is….

All Survivor’s in unison:WE ALWAYS WATCH EACH OTHER’S BACKS!!!

Survivor 3: Then we made our way over to the pantry area of the food court and found some food that was still edible and stocked up. Apparently someone slammed one of the demon heads on the kitchen grill, the stench was rank and unbearable , but hey we found food- so fuck him!

INT: Sounds like a heinous situation. Did things get better or worse after that?

Survivor 2:I had to jump from table to table slicing through Oni heads once we walked out of the pantry area and laid waist to the oni. My age and height were an advantage not a disadvantage, I’m a SURVIVOR!

Survivor 4:[CLASSIFIED] sliced through those ONI heads with precision,clarity and the proper level of grit.He reminded me of my little brother before I lost him.

Survivor 2: Thanks for the help of swinging me around to get those last two. Now… don’t you wish you had my trusty old blade tipped boots……came in handy huh?

Survivor 4: Hahaha… that they did, that they did.

INT: So I take it you all weren’t out of the woods yet?

Survivor 6: NOT…BY…A…LONG SHOT! We then made our way over to the bookstore, searching through the knickknacks at the store’s register we found some pocket lighters. We planned on using the pocket lighters for when we might need to try and get a fire started. There was some noise coming from the back stock room we already knew what was behind that door though….

Survivor 7: [CLASSIFIED] and I knew what we had to do, we grabbed some aerosol can’s of disinfectant spray and two lighters and prepared ourselves. The sound was rumbling, the air was tense, our hearts…..calm. We weren’t worried we had been in this place before and it wasn’t anything new. We calmed our breathing and prepared our souls.

Survivor 6: We heard a repetitive knocking and hitting on the other side of the door.We turned the knob and opened the door and there we saw a mini plethora of oni demons. No doubt…no hesitation..no thinking all we knew was it was either us or them . And you damn well better believe it wasn’t going to be us.

Survivor 7: Without any thought, feeling or care we both sprayed mini fire balls all over the oni’s in a unison motion together using the spray can’s and lighters as mini flame throwers.

Survivor 5: Of course the oni heads being set on fire set of the fire sprinklers so we booked out of there,because we knew it would be a a matter of time for the smoke alarms got set off .We ducked into room called Career Services and found a few workers who had been turned to Oni.

Survivor 3: Hands, heads, legs …all liberated from the oni demon fuckers bodies. Another day…. another dead Oni, there deaths were our lifeblood, our ace in the hole, our hope for not giving up. Stumbling through some back doors in the Career Services area we made our way to a room full of computers.

Survivor 8: I was hiding in the media lab in the student center when they found me…the group…the family….my family. I had almost given up hope until this great group of people found me.

Survivor 1: Yeah [CLASSIFIED] was about to end it all and then we showed him that to truly live one must not fear death, but accept it, believe in it, and honor it. Honor it like the samurai warriors of yesteryear-to embrace death is to live with true honor.

Survivor 8: It was a way of life that transcended everything. Death, fear, suffering none of it mattered anymore. To survive.. to live…nothing more, nothing less.

Survivor 1: We found a back door after we passed through the student mail area. The envelopes, the papers, the ink, the words, the letters every minute detail mattered…just like all of our lives…………

End of Recording interview # 3 ;CASE FILE*******;SUBMITTED BY :AGENT [CLASSIFIED]

“CLASSIFIED” by Tre Taylor