Short Story – Jungian Super Hero Social Club by Trey Eddantes

Art by Aaron Noble

Jungian Super Hero Social Club by Trey Eddantes

The waiting room – a room filled with wonder,hope,fear, joy and despair. He had been in this room numerous times, but it always seemed brand new to him each and every time he came here. This was his therapist waiting room- a safe haven, a place to enter into a gateway of help and understanding. He had been going to Dr. Lorraine Nichols for about a year now for therapy. She was the tour guide through his life’s problems and she little by little had helped him understand his problems. His name was Ray Thomas, he was a patient, he was lost, he was depressed….and….he was a superhero.

You see Ray Thomas was just his cover for his real identity which was the superhero named Victory Man. Ray was left on the doorstep of a nunnery and raised by those wonderful gangster nuns. Yeah , they taught him about discipline, order,love and..martial arts and how to protect others. But who was going to protect Ray when he needed help.

“Ray. I’m ready for you!” Dr. Nichols stated.

“Thanks doc.”

“So how have you been doing Ray?”

“Not too bad, had to save an elderly couple the other

 night, it was as interesting as my day had ever been”

“I notice you said- had to save, tell me more about


“Well its as if my natural given talents or gifts of

superhero, seem to have become a burden. It’s as if

saving lives has become a job of sorts.”

Ray sighed to himself,”I feel sometimes that I have lost my purpose as a superhero, a person, a human being

-but am I human.”

“Interesting , do you wish you were human?”

“There are days when I want nothing more than to be an

average joe, to really experience life in all its good

and bad qualities.”

“Anonymity can be life’s godsend when it really wants

 to be.”

“It’s what I’ve been wondering and contemplating as the

 days go by. But what I can’t get my head around is my

 duty or obligation to be a superhero and save lives.”

“That’s interesting that you have a moral code,

 especially ironically speaking- when you don’t have


“I know right-the irony of being a life saver , who

 doesn’t have to save them, ain’t life grand.”

“I believe that anyone of us in this world could always

 live our lives for ourselves, otherwise we could

 possibly lose ourselves.”

“Well times up, until next time Mr. Victory Man.”

“Thanks Doc, thanks for listening and thanks for


After Ray left, Dr. Nichols pulled out an old framed

photo in a hidden bookcase. The picture was a self-

portrait of Dr. Nichols in her own super hero outfit.

The photo frame had an inscription that said, “Thanks

for everything (Raven Woman), we will never forget you!


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