Short Story – Last On Earth by Trey Eddantes

Short Story – Last On Earth by Trey Eddantes

It had been fifteen years since we lost it – seas turned to deserts, the air became dirtier and light turned to darkness. The world as we knew it ended and just five years from today i lost the woman I loved because of my own selfish ego. Even when the world as we know it had ended ,buildings were rubble, cars are nothing but immobile tricycles and my heart was slowly dying with every moment that she wasn’t in my life.

Her name was Eliana, she had wondrous dark hair, eyes as green as the most sultry sly cat, a smile that could command a man’s heart, while her body captured this mans soul. I can still remember when I first met her and what she said to me,

“ Are you trying to light yourself on fire or are your trying to start a fire?”

I sarcastically replied,” the later.”

“Do you mind if I try to help you? she stated.

“Sure, how could I resist help from such a beautiful


“My name is Remy, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Remy, I’m Eliana.”

We both had a ton of soot on our faces from traveling through the crumbling lands but when we kissed, it was as if our souls were cleansed, newly formed and meshed together as one. I became we and we became – one person, we trekked through the crumbling world that had now become our new home. Rather than walking hand-in-hand on a sandy soft beach, we walked on the ground  made of concrete rubble and disparaging dust.

 We developed a connection that we never thought was possible, she learned from me as i learned from her. She and I searched for food in abandon homes like modern day hunters and gatherers. We maintained our connection and our love grew into a relationship of love, trust, safety, and even life philosophy.

As we continued walking through the gritty crumbled cities we heard nothing but loud vast winds that seemed to guide us on our unknown journey. We had found some potatoes on our trek but more importantly we searched for something more. Our journey was unknown to us what we where searching for – food….shelter….hope…or humanity.

We settled on an old run down duplex condo that seemed to still have life in it. It amazed us both that even in a death, decaying urban landscape, we still were able to see the beauty and life in this new home. Eliana and I entered the building, immediately we both called out,


We repeated this numerous times as we walked through the space. The duplex condo had one missing wall and a small portion of it’s roof missing. the furniture had dirt, dust and soot on it and had the look of a museum display that had been closed for years. This space became our new living quarters, a safe haven, our new home  and both of us believed it would be a place for us to possibly to restart our lives in this new world.

“How could I have been such an egotistical jackass, over something so minor?”

It happened one night while we were relaxing in our new space during the evening. Our place had a built-in fireplace and I decided to start a fire to help warms us up.

“Honey what are you doing over there love?” I asked.

“Oh I’m just trying to start-up a fire to warms us up a  little babe.”

“Sounds great sweetie, but could I make a suggestion though?”

“Sure, what’s the suggestion?”

“You might want to twist that paper a little, to get that fire started.”

“Oh thanks for the help love, but I think I got it.”

“Just making a suggestion.”

“I know love, but I’ve got it- ok!”

“No need to get hostile, just trying to help.”

“It sounded more like a dictation than an a suggestion.”

That conversation was the beginning of the end of our bliss, we went on our separate ways, but I never lost my feelings for her. I’ve been walking along on an aimless path, of a man who has lost the love in his heart. Even with the crumbling and decaying of the world around us , I felt our love had brought us back to life. I was able to find som bottled water in some old cases, should probably last me a good little while. I think I see something on the ground a few feet ahead of me, i should probably check it out. It looks like a blanket covering something, but not sure what it is.

“Oh my god ,its a body!”

“Oh my god…its her.”



“Wake up love, wake up please!”

“I’ve lost you once, I won’t lose you again!”

“Please sip this water babe, I can’t lose you!”

Then it was as if the skies parted and some light shined down on us. She began coughing up the water as she drank it and whispered something to me in a soft loving voice.

“You never lost me.”


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