Short Story – Adolescent Arachnophobia by Trey Eddantes

Short Story – Adolescent Arachnophobia by Trey Eddantes

John was an ex-army ranger and served his country with the utmost honor. He had his life saved numerous times by his fellow rangers . He even saved some lives himself. He was a member of an elite military fighting force and he was a man who wouldn’t back down from anything. John was all of these things, but he also had a secret he kept from everyone. John was scared of spiders and despised them. He believed the only good spider was a dead spider. A spider served no purpose on planet Earth.

John retired from the military and started a family. John and his wife Sarah wanted kids like any newly married couple hoped. They tried numerous times and were unsuccessful at their attempts. But with the help of a great doctor they were able to give birth to a precious baby girl named Jane – nicknamed Janie. She was more precious than words, she was an angel sent down to show these two people what love truly was and could be. She showed them the possibilities of human life from just looking into this wonderful baby girls eyes.

One day while John was home taking care of Janie by himself, he had just fed her lunch and was about to put her down for her nap. He laid her down in her crib, kissed her cheek and said to his daughter, “sweet dreams baby girl.” As he learned up after kissing her, he noticed something. This something was the most vile, repulsive, ugly ,disgusting, insignificant thing in the world – a spider.

The spider was all black, huge and looked beyond dangerous. The spider legs were long and calculating with each movement john could hear soft words being spoke.


This spider was here to hurt not help John’s life. As a ranger he had to face many fearful life situations and they always put him to the test. But this test was the end all be all for John this would test him as a man, a soldier and most importantly a father. This situation would determine if he would overcome fear – or let it take hold strength and mind.

The spider moved slowly and methodically toward Janie. he knew he would have to touch the spider but could he do it, could he accomplish his latest mission.


He knew it was going to either be him or this spider, there was no way hell it would touch his daughter. This was a real life or death situation that was about to occur, and he planned to be the living victor.

He took one deep breath, closed his eyes and the reopened them. He grabbed the spider, threw it on the ground and pounded it into mush with the bottom of his shoe. He had completed his mission, overcame his fear and more importantly saved his daughter from harm! He had tasted victory on the actual battle field but this was the sweetest victory he had ever tasted, and it tasted great!


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