Annie Cardi

At Writer’s Digest, Erik Larson shares his top 10 essentials to a writer’s life. When your first and second items are coffee, you have my full agreement.

This got me thinking about my own top 10 essentials. In no real particular order:

1. Water
Although I sing songs about the awesomeness of coffee, I tend to have a glass of water by my side when I’m writing. Usually it’s because I write at night and caffeine after 7pm isn’t so great. Plus water is refreshing. Don’t worry, coffee, I still love you!

2. iTunes
As I’ve mentioned before, pretty much all of my projects have a corresponding playlist. Nothing gets me quite in the writing mood like a good story soundtrack.

3. Blocks of Undisturbed Time
Stealing from Larson on this one. I think most writers wish they had time to sit down and write without distractions. Walt and…

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