Short Story – A Stranger by Trey Eddantes

A Stranger – Short Story by Trey Eddantes

Logan was leaving the store , he picked up some miscellaneous items he needed. He walked out of the store and began walking home. As he walked, he sensed a presence behind him that he wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Logan began walking faster along the cold, wet cemented sidewalk. What was this figure following him? Was it a robber? Was it a stranger? Was it a friend? Was it an enemy? The figure behind him began walking fast as well, following him somewhat with a sinister intent. As Logan walked two steps faster, the figure went two steps faster as well.

Logan ducked into a nearby apartment building- catching the first available elevator. He pushed the close button with an unbelievably swift pace. Just as the doors closed, the same mysterious figure sinisterly approached the elevator entrance way. Logan thought to himself, “Why is this figure following me?…. Is it following me?” He got off on the 20th floor of the 50 floor apartment building and immediately thought he had escaped the figure. But just as Logan had walked four steps, the adjourning elevator doors opened and out walked the persistent sinister figure.

All he knew how to do was keep moving, keep liviing or he could lose his money or more importantly – his life. Logan went up and down staircases pushed through doors, ducked weaved and then landed back in the elevator.

He made it back down to the bottom floor of the building. He ran and hailed a cab and jumped in immediately.  Was he home free? Had he lost the sinister figure? He presumed he had lost the figure when suddenly he was awoken from his mobile state of fear.

“Hey pal are you alright?” The cabbie asked.

“Yeah just having a rough night.”

Logan breathed with relief, “I feel like somebody has been chasing me all night.”

“I hear you man, we can all relate to that sometimes.”

‘So where to pal?”

“I’m just trying to head home, take me to 365 Zen Street, please.” Logan somberly spoke.

 He felt that he could relax, and finally take a rest. “So what do you do for a living pal?” The Cabbie asked.

“I’m a process server, so basically – I have a really , fun happy job to say the least.”

“You don’t sound to happy about it.”

“Yeah, I just see it as a basic day job and I can do what I really want at night!”

“And what does this night job consist of?”

” Well I joined the fraternity of comedy and do stand up comedy at clubs at night. It’s beyond rewarding and fulfilling , it makes me feel whole in my mind, body and soul.”

The Cabbie pondered,”sounds like you have a real passion for it, why not do it full-time?”

“Its just for fun I couldn’t do it for real full-time, like I could really make the big time – ha!”

“How would you know if you never took a chance.”

“Trust me, I know- a lifetime of hell can always outshine a few moments of celestial joy.”

“You know you only get one chance at this thing called- life, live it to the fullest.”

“Yeah I hear you man, well this looks like my stop. Hey thanks for the ride and the words man.”

“No problem, have a good one Logan!” The cabbie smirked.

Logan looked at the cabbie perplexed, thinking to himself,”How does he know my name?”

As he hopped out the cab he looked at the cabbie’s name badge on the dash and it read – “Sinis T. Figure”


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