Short Story – Adolescent Arachnophobia by Trey Eddantes

Short Story – Adolescent Arachnophobia by Trey Eddantes

John was an ex-army ranger and served his country with the utmost honor. He had his life saved numerous times by his fellow rangers . He even saved some lives himself. He was a member of an elite military fighting force and he was a man who wouldn’t back down from anything. John was all of these things, but he also had a secret he kept from everyone. John was scared of spiders and despised them. He believed the only good spider was a dead spider. A spider served no purpose on planet Earth.

John retired from the military and started a family. John and his wife Sarah wanted kids like any newly married couple hoped. They tried numerous times and were unsuccessful at their attempts. But with the help of a great doctor they were able to give birth to a precious baby girl named Jane – nicknamed Janie. She was more precious than words, she was an angel sent down to show these two people what love truly was and could be. She showed them the possibilities of human life from just looking into this wonderful baby girls eyes.

One day while John was home taking care of Janie by himself, he had just fed her lunch and was about to put her down for her nap. He laid her down in her crib, kissed her cheek and said to his daughter, “sweet dreams baby girl.” As he learned up after kissing her, he noticed something. This something was the most vile, repulsive, ugly ,disgusting, insignificant thing in the world – a spider.

The spider was all black, huge and looked beyond dangerous. The spider legs were long and calculating with each movement john could hear soft words being spoke.


This spider was here to hurt not help John’s life. As a ranger he had to face many fearful life situations and they always put him to the test. But this test was the end all be all for John this would test him as a man, a soldier and most importantly a father. This situation would determine if he would overcome fear – or let it take hold strength and mind.

The spider moved slowly and methodically toward Janie. he knew he would have to touch the spider but could he do it, could he accomplish his latest mission.


He knew it was going to either be him or this spider, there was no way hell it would touch his daughter. This was a real life or death situation that was about to occur, and he planned to be the living victor.

He took one deep breath, closed his eyes and the reopened them. He grabbed the spider, threw it on the ground and pounded it into mush with the bottom of his shoe. He had completed his mission, overcame his fear and more importantly saved his daughter from harm! He had tasted victory on the actual battle field but this was the sweetest victory he had ever tasted, and it tasted great!


Short Story – Last On Earth by Trey Eddantes

Short Story – Last On Earth by Trey Eddantes

It had been fifteen years since we lost it – seas turned to deserts, the air became dirtier and light turned to darkness. The world as we knew it ended and just five years from today i lost the woman I loved because of my own selfish ego. Even when the world as we know it had ended ,buildings were rubble, cars are nothing but immobile tricycles and my heart was slowly dying with every moment that she wasn’t in my life.

Her name was Eliana, she had wondrous dark hair, eyes as green as the most sultry sly cat, a smile that could command a man’s heart, while her body captured this mans soul. I can still remember when I first met her and what she said to me,

“ Are you trying to light yourself on fire or are your trying to start a fire?”

I sarcastically replied,” the later.”

“Do you mind if I try to help you? she stated.

“Sure, how could I resist help from such a beautiful


“My name is Remy, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Remy, I’m Eliana.”

We both had a ton of soot on our faces from traveling through the crumbling lands but when we kissed, it was as if our souls were cleansed, newly formed and meshed together as one. I became we and we became – one person, we trekked through the crumbling world that had now become our new home. Rather than walking hand-in-hand on a sandy soft beach, we walked on the ground  made of concrete rubble and disparaging dust.

 We developed a connection that we never thought was possible, she learned from me as i learned from her. She and I searched for food in abandon homes like modern day hunters and gatherers. We maintained our connection and our love grew into a relationship of love, trust, safety, and even life philosophy.

As we continued walking through the gritty crumbled cities we heard nothing but loud vast winds that seemed to guide us on our unknown journey. We had found some potatoes on our trek but more importantly we searched for something more. Our journey was unknown to us what we where searching for – food….shelter….hope…or humanity.

We settled on an old run down duplex condo that seemed to still have life in it. It amazed us both that even in a death, decaying urban landscape, we still were able to see the beauty and life in this new home. Eliana and I entered the building, immediately we both called out,


We repeated this numerous times as we walked through the space. The duplex condo had one missing wall and a small portion of it’s roof missing. the furniture had dirt, dust and soot on it and had the look of a museum display that had been closed for years. This space became our new living quarters, a safe haven, our new home  and both of us believed it would be a place for us to possibly to restart our lives in this new world.

“How could I have been such an egotistical jackass, over something so minor?”

It happened one night while we were relaxing in our new space during the evening. Our place had a built-in fireplace and I decided to start a fire to help warms us up.

“Honey what are you doing over there love?” I asked.

“Oh I’m just trying to start-up a fire to warms us up a  little babe.”

“Sounds great sweetie, but could I make a suggestion though?”

“Sure, what’s the suggestion?”

“You might want to twist that paper a little, to get that fire started.”

“Oh thanks for the help love, but I think I got it.”

“Just making a suggestion.”

“I know love, but I’ve got it- ok!”

“No need to get hostile, just trying to help.”

“It sounded more like a dictation than an a suggestion.”

That conversation was the beginning of the end of our bliss, we went on our separate ways, but I never lost my feelings for her. I’ve been walking along on an aimless path, of a man who has lost the love in his heart. Even with the crumbling and decaying of the world around us , I felt our love had brought us back to life. I was able to find som bottled water in some old cases, should probably last me a good little while. I think I see something on the ground a few feet ahead of me, i should probably check it out. It looks like a blanket covering something, but not sure what it is.

“Oh my god ,its a body!”

“Oh my god…its her.”



“Wake up love, wake up please!”

“I’ve lost you once, I won’t lose you again!”

“Please sip this water babe, I can’t lose you!”

Then it was as if the skies parted and some light shined down on us. She began coughing up the water as she drank it and whispered something to me in a soft loving voice.

“You never lost me.”

American Fiyah

In 2005, David Mamet dashed off a memo to his writers. This document circulated through writing circles for years. It is rumored to have first been publicized by Ink Canada, but that is unconfirmed. I do know that the memo was published in 2010, the year after the show was cancelled, by Seth Abramovitch on MovieLine. It has been referenced by many others since.
One of the characteristics of the memo is that the entire document was written in upper case. Yeah, UPPER CASE. WE CALL THAT “SHOUTING” AND IT IS BLOODY HARD TO READ. If you’ve ever seen a David Mamet screenplay, you’ll know he writes them largely in upper case as well. Anyway, for the ease of readers, I went through the text and took the liberty of converting it into a more readable format. The choice of which words to emphasize in bold is all Mamet’s. READ MORE

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Annie Cardi

At Writer’s Digest, Erik Larson shares his top 10 essentials to a writer’s life. When your first and second items are coffee, you have my full agreement.

This got me thinking about my own top 10 essentials. In no real particular order:

1. Water
Although I sing songs about the awesomeness of coffee, I tend to have a glass of water by my side when I’m writing. Usually it’s because I write at night and caffeine after 7pm isn’t so great. Plus water is refreshing. Don’t worry, coffee, I still love you!

2. iTunes
As I’ve mentioned before, pretty much all of my projects have a corresponding playlist. Nothing gets me quite in the writing mood like a good story soundtrack.

3. Blocks of Undisturbed Time
Stealing from Larson on this one. I think most writers wish they had time to sit down and write without distractions. Walt and…

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Short Story – A Stranger by Trey Eddantes

A Stranger – Short Story by Trey Eddantes

Logan was leaving the store , he picked up some miscellaneous items he needed. He walked out of the store and began walking home. As he walked, he sensed a presence behind him that he wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Logan began walking faster along the cold, wet cemented sidewalk. What was this figure following him? Was it a robber? Was it a stranger? Was it a friend? Was it an enemy? The figure behind him began walking fast as well, following him somewhat with a sinister intent. As Logan walked two steps faster, the figure went two steps faster as well.

Logan ducked into a nearby apartment building- catching the first available elevator. He pushed the close button with an unbelievably swift pace. Just as the doors closed, the same mysterious figure sinisterly approached the elevator entrance way. Logan thought to himself, “Why is this figure following me?…. Is it following me?” He got off on the 20th floor of the 50 floor apartment building and immediately thought he had escaped the figure. But just as Logan had walked four steps, the adjourning elevator doors opened and out walked the persistent sinister figure.

All he knew how to do was keep moving, keep liviing or he could lose his money or more importantly – his life. Logan went up and down staircases pushed through doors, ducked weaved and then landed back in the elevator.

He made it back down to the bottom floor of the building. He ran and hailed a cab and jumped in immediately.  Was he home free? Had he lost the sinister figure? He presumed he had lost the figure when suddenly he was awoken from his mobile state of fear.

“Hey pal are you alright?” The cabbie asked.

“Yeah just having a rough night.”

Logan breathed with relief, “I feel like somebody has been chasing me all night.”

“I hear you man, we can all relate to that sometimes.”

‘So where to pal?”

“I’m just trying to head home, take me to 365 Zen Street, please.” Logan somberly spoke.

 He felt that he could relax, and finally take a rest. “So what do you do for a living pal?” The Cabbie asked.

“I’m a process server, so basically – I have a really , fun happy job to say the least.”

“You don’t sound to happy about it.”

“Yeah, I just see it as a basic day job and I can do what I really want at night!”

“And what does this night job consist of?”

” Well I joined the fraternity of comedy and do stand up comedy at clubs at night. It’s beyond rewarding and fulfilling , it makes me feel whole in my mind, body and soul.”

The Cabbie pondered,”sounds like you have a real passion for it, why not do it full-time?”

“Its just for fun I couldn’t do it for real full-time, like I could really make the big time – ha!”

“How would you know if you never took a chance.”

“Trust me, I know- a lifetime of hell can always outshine a few moments of celestial joy.”

“You know you only get one chance at this thing called- life, live it to the fullest.”

“Yeah I hear you man, well this looks like my stop. Hey thanks for the ride and the words man.”

“No problem, have a good one Logan!” The cabbie smirked.

Logan looked at the cabbie perplexed, thinking to himself,”How does he know my name?”

As he hopped out the cab he looked at the cabbie’s name badge on the dash and it read – “Sinis T. Figure”

Poetry – Soul of the samurai by Trey Eddantes


Soul of the samurai by Trey Eddantes

Its the guidance system of the samurai

Its the protector of the body of the samurai

Its the regulator in the world of the samurai

The soul of the samurai

Its the conscience of the samurai

Its the existential philosophy of the samurai

Its an executioner of unfocused samurai

The soul of the samurai

Its the mind and body duality of the samurai

Its the key to unlocking determination and purpose of the samurai

Its the encouragement of hope in the samurai

The soul of the samurai

Its the overcoming of fear in the eye of death for the samurai

Its the weapon of fate for the samurai

Its the guide that helps the samurai reach the mountain top

The soul of the samurai

Its the complete epitome of solitude for the samurai

Its the path through the unknown labyrinth for the samurai

Its the movement through unknown corridors for the samurai

Its everything for the samurai

The sword is the soul of the samurai

Poetry – Walking Alone (Dokkodo in poetic form) Original by Musashi Miyamoto, Adaptation by Trey Eddantes

Walking Alone (Dokkodo in poetic form) Original by Musashi Miyamoto, Adaptation by Trey Eddantes

 Acceptance of everything

Forsaking pleasure

No half steps

Lightness of self

Deeply of the world

Detach from life’s desires

Regret nothing

Jealously kills productivity

Sadness, ruin of the heart’s memory

Better yourself, don’t resent it

Respect yourself, lust and love comes and goes

Be open-minded

LIving is living

Eat for nourishment and not for exotic pleasure

Keep possessions you only need, not want

Think and act for yourself

Use weapons or practice with weapons for useful times

Don’t fear death, its a natural part of life

In old age, seek simplicity

Respect Buddha and the Gods but don’t count on their help

Always preserve your honor

Always follow the way, never stray