Keri M. Peardon

Previously, I covered why e-books are great for readers. Now I’ll point out a few reasons why e-books (or, more specifically, self-publishing) is good for writers.

1. Freedom of Choice.

This is a point that’s beneficial to both readers and writers. Right now, publishers decide what we do and don’t read. Agents get 1,000 queries or more every month, but only select 1% of those to send to publishers. Publishers no doubt get many more (especially publishers that accept agentless queries), yet they select a very small percentage–probably also in the 1% range.

That means that every year, there are tens of thousands–and probably hundreds of thousands–of books that are never published.

Ever wonder what was in those rejected books?

The vast majority of people think that rejected books were rejected because they suck, and that published books must not suck. I know this isn’t true, because I’ve read…

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