A thank you chance encounter! by Trey Eddantes

Hi everyone, just wanted to quickly talk about a great chance encounter I had at my day job today. I waited on my first drum instructor today, this guy was one of the most important individuals in my life who shaped my love of performing and listening to music. I have played the drums since I was 10 years old. As well as being a writer, screenwriter and filmmaker, I am also a musician at heart and music has always been a great comfort in my life that I’m sure a ton of people would agree with me.

It’s amazing how the universe works sometimes, it can introduce someone in your life and reintroduce them at a later date when you least expect it. When I spoke to my first drum instructor , my immediate reaction was to thank him and tell him how far he had helped me get as drummer and human being. I’ve performed music in grade school, high school and even played three years in of the best college bands in my state.

I felt so blessed to be able to play drums at the collegiate level- which was the most professional level I had ever reached. I was drumming from sun up to sun down and even on weekends and it was all because of the initial teachings of my first drum instructor. So if you are ever blessed to reconnect with a mentor, teacher, instructor or hell even just a friend in your life that made a lasting impact- just make sure that you thank them before they leave.




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