Poetry – A jam session with my grandfather

A jam session with my grandfather by E.L. Taylor III


Grandad tune’s up his electric guitar

I tighten my drum heads, tape up my sticks

Grandad plays a short melody to warm up

I play some drum patterns to warm up my chops

It was amazing that I had this connection with my grandfather —music.

Music was always a way for me to stand out and actually be heard.

An only child leads a lonely life, so to have a grandfather who played guitar was amazing.

Grandad wanted to play some blues.

I suggested some B.B. King.

Grandad said that would be great.

I click my sticks to count us off.

Grandad plays the opening lick to B.B. King’s – Thrill is Gone

I started playing the drum part

And just before he goes to sing the opening vocals

My dad steps in and sings ….Thrill is gone!

Why I love my family.


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