Neglectful Reader # 2 – Jorge Luis Borges

Neglectful Reader # 2


Well with this month being national poetry month I decided to choose a writer whose poetry has always spoke volumes to me. I chose author/writer extraordinary Jorge Luis Borges who was an amazing poet and storyteller in his own right. Born In 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina,Jorge Luis Borges was raised in an educated middle-class family that was comfortable but by no means wealthy. At the age of nine he translated The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde into spanish which was published in a local journal. Borges was taught at home until he reached the age of 11 and was bilingual and also read Shakespeare by the age of 12.

Around this time his family had grown its family library of English language books to over one thousand volumes of literature. Borges would even say,”If I were asked to name the chief event in my life I should say my father’s library.” By 1914, his family moved to Geneva, Switzerland and by 1918 he received his baccalaureate from the College de Geneve. With Borges discovering the writing of Arthur Schopenhauer and Gustav Meyrink’s The Golem  this kick-started and influenced his own writing. He would go on to write tons of masterful poems and short stories.

Some of his most notable short stories included – “The Garden of Forking Paths”,”The Secret Miracle”,”Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”,”The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths”, “The House of Asterion”,””The Immortal”,”The Library of Babel”,””Funes, the Memorious”,”The Lottery in Babylon” and of course “The Zahir” and The Aleph” which inspired two novels by a noteworthy follower Paulo Coelho. Some of his most notable poems included – “Adam Cast Forth”,”Browning Decides to Be A Poet”,”El Instante”,”Elegy”,”History of the Night”,”Instants”,”Limits”,”Remorse For Any Death”,”Shinto”,”Susana Soca”,”That One”,”The Art of Poetry”,”The Other Tiger”,”To a Cat” and “We are the time. We are the famous.”

Mr Borges works examined many interesting themes including: nature of time,infinity,mirrors,labyrinths,fantasy,ultraism,magic realism,animals,parallel universes,dreams, naturalism, surrealism and religion and many more themes. I personally am a fan of Mr Borges for the way he presented the wonderment of time, labyrinths and his presentation of magic realism in his writing. His writing laid the blueprint for writers who wanted to present their stories with a thorough sense of fantasy with a surrealistic magical undertone.

Mr. Borges was also a writer who wasn’t afraid  to speak his mind when it came to issues of politics or social issues. He was also a noteworthy literary critic and scholar. I appreciate a writer whose parents instilled a passion of books and also the enjoyment of reading books. Jorge was blessed to have parents that who instilled these wondrous traits in him which where very relatable on a very personal level.

So in this second “Neglectful Reader” blog post I want to apologize to the late great Mr. Jorge Luis Borges for being a neglectful reader and I promise to never let it happen again…lol.

E.L. Taylor III


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