BBC One TV Series – Inside Men (Review/Thoughts)

BBC One TV Series – Inside Men

Hi everyone had to step in again and recommend a great drama series that I just finished watching and it was shown on BBC One, now I live in the states and heard about the series on a music forum board that I frequent on a daily basis. The name of series is Inside Men and the series was created by Tony Basgallop and stars some noteworthy British actors – Steven Mackintosh ,Warren Brown ,Kierston Wareing from another great BBC series Luther , which I also recommend. The series also features NIcola Walker (Spooks and Luther) and Ashley Walters (Hustle and Top Boy). So with this amazing cast of  this one-off series I presumed this series could do no wrong to its viewers and I presumed correctly.

Inside Men tells the story of an armed robbery at a secure money counting house, the events that lead up to it, characters who work there and the aftermath. It begins with a depiction of the brutal robbery and then explores the motivations of those who committed the crime. The three main characters are John Coniston (Steven Mackintosh) who is the seemingly straightlaced manager of the secure depot, Marcus (Warren Brown) who moves trolleys of cash and security guard Chris (Ashley Walters).

The series was a one off(one season) series and it consisted of 4 episodes ,but each played like a minor organ to a major body of dramatic work. All of the series actors showed philosophically what kind people we can be and become if push comes to shove. The series showed what kind of men the characters truly where inside and out. Highly recommend this thought provoking dramatic series it won’t disappoint you.

Here is a trailer for the series :


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