Storytelling Origins (Book Recommendations)

Storytelling Origins (Book Recommendations)


Hi everyone I just wanted to give two book recommendations which I consider great for anyone wanting to learn the basic origins of storytelling. Now I definitely won’t proclaim that these are the only two books any writer should reference  when trying to learn more about storytelling, but hopefully they might learn something interesting while reading these books.

1) POETICS by ARISTOTLE – My first recommendation is one of the greatest seminal works of the late great philosopher Aristotle. It is still considered one of the earliest pieces of writing  on dramatic theory through examining poetry and all its principles,genres and elements. Aristotle focuses on drama,tragedy,comedy, satyr play,lyric poetry, epic poetry and dithyramb in Poetics and he provides writers with great examination of literary as well as dramatic theory. Another important  part of the Poetics examined by Aristotle include the six parts of tragedy in drama which include – plot, character,thought,diction,melody,spectacle. With this particular examination ,Aristotle provides us with the body of what makes up a story or at least that’s how I personally understand his theory. Give it a read, add it your writing reference collection, you won’t be disappointed!

2) THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES by JOSEPH CAMPBELL – My second recommendation is the great examination of the monomyth or Hero’s Journey written by Joseph Campbell and the book discusses the journey the story’s hero takes throughout the course of a story.  It provides you with a possible blueprint for mapping out your characters progression through your own story.

The monomyth or hero’s journey consist of 17 Stages and here they are:

A) DEPARTURE 1)The Call to Adventure

                          2)Refusal of the Call

                         3)Supernatural Aid

                                                             4)The Crossing of the FIrst Threshold

                             5)Belly of the Whale

B) INITIATION 6)The Road of Trials

                                                      7)The Meeting With the Goddess

                                    8)Woman as Temptress

                                              9)Atonement with the Father


                            11)The Ultimate Boon

  C)RETURN       12)Refusal of the return

                            13)The Magic Flight

                                   14)Rescue from Without

                                                                  15)The Crossing of the Return Threshold

                                            16)Master of the Two Words

                            17)Freedom To Live

So checkout these books if you get a free chance if your not already familiar with them!


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