Neglectful Reader #1 – Paulo Coelho

So I was searching for more patience quotes by my favorite authors/writers for my own patience therapy and one of the first writers  I chose was the great brazilian author Paulo Coelho. I was shocked to find that Paulo had released a new novel last year entitled “Aleph” . I was so down on myself after realizing I totally neglected one of my favorite authors because I got so caught up in my own writing projects. I feel that we all can sometimes make this mistake every now and then-especially being writers. We neglect one thing while writing and we can miss out on a bunch of things we want and need- READERS! I was and still am mad at myself for totally missing the release of a new novel from one of my favorite writers, so in turn I decided to create a fun series of post called  “Neglectful Reader”. These post will be a great way for me to praise my favorite writers in a  fun an interesting way.

Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil on August 24,1947 and published his first book in 1982. He made a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 1986 and wrote “The Pilgrimage”. The next year, he wrote his most prominent novel ” The Alchemist”. This of course was the novel that pulled me and many other readers into Paulo’s body of written work. He would go on to write many amazing novels that focused on themes like: overcoming fear( Brida), divinity, love, madness, extraordinary happening to ordinary, good vs evil (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Veronika Decides to Die, The Devil and Miss Prym), questioning of authority, rebellion, liberation, thinking for oneself ( The Fifth Mountain), sacred nature of sex (Eleven Minutes), goddess religion, the interpretation of love, opening to the energies of the world, search for one’s true self(The Witch of Portobello) exorcism of personal demons and discovering one’s strength and even touching on personal relationships with his own wife(The Valkyries) and spirituality,hope, mysticism, the universe, perseverance, patience and love(The Alchemist).

I personally love Paulo Coelho’s writing for its mixture of spirituality, hope, love, and fiction all rolled into one. His writing is the kind of writing that can guide you on a personal journey and help you discover more about yourself as an individual. I also love Paulo Coelho’s passion for getting his work out in as many languages as possible as well as embracing the downloading culture of peer to peer file sharing of his own work, way before other authors embraced  this activity. To quote Paulo himself –  ” I saw the first pirated edition of one of my books, so I said I’m going to post it online. There was a difficult moment in Russia; they didn’t have much paper. I put this first copy online and I sold, in the first year, 10,000 copies there. And in the second year it jumped to 100,000 copies. So I said, “It is working.” Then I started putting other books online, knowing that if people read a little bit and they like it, they are going to buy the book. My sales were growing and growing, and one day I was at a high-tech conference, and I made it public.”

Mr. Coelho’s most latest novel “Aleph”  is described as follows according to Paulo’s own blog – “A frank and surprising personal story, which draws the reader in from the very first page, Paulo Coelho reveals how a grave crisis of faith caused him to go in search of a path of spiritual renewal and growth. In order to get close to God again, he decided to start over: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the world. Between March and July 2006, letting himself be guided by signs, he traveled to various continents – Europe, Africa and Asia – on a journey through time and space, through past and present, in search of himself. As the journey progresses, Paulo gradually emerges from his isolation, sheds both ego and pride and opens himself up to friendship, love, faith and forgiveness, unafraid to confront the inevitable challenges of life.”

Thanks Paulo for being you and I promise to never neglect reading your work again…lol.

E.L. Taylor III


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