Improving Character Development Tips

Here are some things I started doing to help me improve my character development skills, they may help someone else out there !



Ways to improve character development


1)  Write mini bio’s about your characters.

2)  Write poetry in character or about your characters.

3)  Write short stories in character or about your characters.

4)  Think of random scenarios and then throw your characters in them and write how they would react in this particular situation

4a) To quote the late great Kurt Vonnegut- “Be a sadist, No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful

things happen to them- in order for the reader to see what they are made of.”

5)  Finally be a parent to your characters, because of course they are your creation. 🙂


One thought on “Improving Character Development Tips

  1. Re: #4a, now that I am more or less familiar with the process of fiction writing, when I read fiction and get to the point when I can’t wait/stand to see how a character is going to extricate him/her self from a predicament, I relax and tell myself, not to worry, it’s just the author doing all these awful things for character development and to spice things up:-) When I come across a cliffhanger, I say “what a great cliffhanger!” and laugh, instead of wanting to go to the next chapter.

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