How to be a more patient writer By E.L. Taylor III

How to be a more patient writer by E.L. Taylor III


As a writer myself I just wanted to post today about something I started doing for myself to help me strengthen my personal patience level as it pertained to my writing, as well as decrease my personal stress level. Hopefully these tips might help you in your writing life- as well as your everyday life. If they don’t change your life enormously at the very least I’m sure they will change your perspective on being more patient, everyday that we are all blessed to walk this earth. (Disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor ,therapist or counselor. I am just a writer who got tired of being stressed in his life and decided to do something about it to change that aspect of my life).

A) Identify your own individual patience problem


One of the first things you should do as a writer to become more patient is:

1) Make a complete list of things, people, situations that may trigger you to become impatient when you write.

2) Also look for any circumstances or even relationships that may cause you to become impatient when you write.

3) Now make a separate list along side these triggers and write ways that you can combat them and improve them personally as they relate to your writing.


B) Patience Therapy techniques you can use to be more patient


1) Zen mediation breathing exercises – I started doing Zen breathing exercises as soon as I roll out of bed and start my workday. I believe it’s a good way to relax and start the day off on a positive note, and then I also write my Morning Pages (if you are not familiar with this activity you should definitely read Julia Cameron’s classic book ‘The Artist Way”). As a writer zen breathing keeps you focused while accomplish your goals as a writer and ignites your mind in a relaxed or zen manner.

Here are two links to sites that give you a complete background on Zen meditation breathing exercises:


2) Read and Study – quotes, sayings, religious text or even proverbs that specifically refer to the word patience. as a writer if you are constantly reminded of being patient as a reader, there is a good chance it will rub off on you as a writer. Because as we all know as writers ,one way you get good is by reading great writers who came before you , the same could be applied to being more patient.

3) Maintain a more healthy diet – eat right, exercise once each day, or even just take a nice brisk walk, drink water, take your vitamins. This practice all correlates to the concept of healthy writing body – healthy writing mind.

4) Keep a Journal or writing bible – you could also do your morning pages and write about your feelings or thoughts on being more patient as a writer and a person.


C)  Final thoughts on “How to be a more patient writer”


1) Change your attitude about life and its many hang-ups.

2) Let go of things or situations you can’t control. Take deep breaths and just concentrate on breathing.

3) Remember things take time in life, you will eventually get what you want with patience. (“Rome wasn’t built in a day”)

4) Focus on what really matters in life and try to always have a positive outlook on life.

5) Always try to expect the unexpected and simply just give yourself a break.

So in conclusion hopefully this post could help you to be a more patient writer and so that you can tell the best stories that (you) possibly can. These techniques have not only helped me in my writing life but in everyday life, my main hope as a fellow writer is that this post if anything helps cut back on your stress level. Hopefully I was of some help to you – the reader.

E.L. Taylor III

“Only jolter-headed, conceited idiots suppose that volumes are to be tossed odd like pancakes, and that any writing can be done without the utmost application, the greatest patience, and the steadiest energy of which the writer is capable.” – Charles Dickens


3 thoughts on “How to be a more patient writer By E.L. Taylor III

  1. I am not a patient writer. Not in the least. I’m always wanting to be done and get to the next project. That said, I’ll work on one project for years, literally.
    I’m not impatient when I’m writing though. I’m in the moment, oblivious to everything around me. It’s when I’m not writing that I’m impatient to get writing.

    Your header says you are the author of a trilogy – where is the link to your work?

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