Writing Update

I’ve started writing my prequel/origin stories for my four main characters. I figured this would be a great way to get used to writing about my characters and it can help me flesh out their backstories. Once I have finished and polished the drafts for all the short stories then I can begin the main novel story.

While I’m writing these origin short stories I will also be perfecting the setting, plot, dialogue and a ton of the other things I would like in my story. Another reason for my writing the short stories is to also try and help me keep the focus of my story on point. Also this will provide me with extra material to release along with the main novels.

I could release the collection with some concomitant poetry pieces I have written and let the whole collection be released as a prequel book. I’ve been able to see the real potential in all of my characters and plot , I just hope , pray and meditate that my main story will have the ability to connect with potential readers.  Now even if my story doesn’t reach any readers, in my heart its a story that I absolutely have to tell regardless and all I can do is write from the heart.

The recently deceased writer Christopher Hitchens gives some great advice in this interview that explains my sentiments:


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