Writing Update

Well these past days off from work have provided me with a great opportunity to accomplish my own personal writing goals. I’ve been able to get some poetry, film reviews, novel research and short stories completed. I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what I want to do professionally and now that I’ve begun writing- I don’t want to stop. It’s corny to say this, but it feels like somewhat of a reawakening for my mind, body and spirit, when I write.

I feel bad though because I don’t know how to explain to friends that I don’t have time to hangout because I need -no HAVE to write. You see once I decided to get serious with my writing, my need to write hasn’t subsided. This particular fact, is the reason I can come off like I’m purposely neglecting friends- which totally is not the case. I just feel like I awoke from a slight dream cerebral slumber in my mind and I dont ever want to go back to bed.



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