Writing updates

Well as far as my novel goes I’m still in the researching phase and its been going great! Before I got started I chose to compelete my story outlines first and then begin my research. I’m so excited about writing this story. I’m really hoping this story resonates and connects with potential readers. Some of the possible themes I’m going to try and explore in my novel range from – family, love , redemption, fear , guilt, loss and most importantly one’s own ability to change. So after I’ve finished the research process I can really get started bringing my story to life.

My plan after I have finished the story is to self edit ,proof and then ultimately self publish my novel. I will definitely be looking into self publishing on “Createspace” or “Smahwords” or one of the many other self publishing platforms. I decided to go this route just because I want my success or failure to be my own hands rather than someone else’s hands. I would rather live or die by my own accord.

So to close out this blog post I will continue to post updates on my writing progress whenever possible , hopefully somebody will want to read my story when its finished…lol.



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